Michael Cylwik

Michael Cylwik

Luxury Products & Luxury Certificate Founder

My name is Michał Cylwik and since 2010 I have been creating a Luxury Products brand. I have been doing this in Poland, in my hometown of Białystok.

Currently, after years of extremely hard work, our website it is the largest catalogue of luxury goods in Poland and in worldwide. Luxury Products offers more than 100,000 products in the area of luxury and the widely understood super premium class.

I love everything that is unique, different and unconventional. This is just what Luxury is – this is what I take delight in. I firmly believe that what I do makes sense. It is thousands of satisfied clients who motivate me to work harder and harder. Therefore, every day I would like to offer more and more products so that people could find everything in one place. I also know that thanks to us a lot of companies saw the light in the e-commerce. It makes us satisfied, especially in the age of digitization of society. Luxury must open up to new challenges, especially for online sales.

For me, luxury is hidden deep truth in the manufacturing and production process. Something that is hidden in the form of a raw material used, craftsmanship and fascinating history of brands that makes up the Luxury Products.

Very quickly I discovered how much power the Internet gives to my business online and hat it can affect the luxury! Unfortunately, the policy of many premium brands in this field leaves much to be desired. After years in the industry one of the strongest experiences was to notice how the word luxury is vitiated. It being used too often became an addition to the common products and services. Companies use the concept of luxury with exaggeration which harms and spoils our market. I found that no one really so far has dared to categorize the entire structure.

Therefore, together with a group of professionals from many premium and super premium industries we decided to change it.  Working over two years on a completely innovative and elite project which is the Luxury Certificate.

I hope that this brand will change completely the perception of the world of luxury and sort out all issues related to this.

I love luxury and this what I do for it!      


  • Poland
    Michał Cylwik
    Phone: +48 791 394 349

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