Josef Reisz

Josef Reisz

CEO of Von Urbanovsky

Josef Reisz, CEO of family-owned luxury group of companies Von Urbanovsky, is a passionate entrepreneur at heart. He has become an expert in the original principles of luxury since he started his first company at the early age of 16.

Von Urbanovsky designs exquisite pieces of high jewellery, crafted to perfection through meticulous craftsmanship and relentless passion to create the extraordinary.

He is passionate about growing Von Urbanovsky into a 200-years-lasting company. Also, he loves to help other luxury brands through coaching and mentoring for marketing, sales and ecommerce.

Over the past 20 years, Josef Reisz has been involved in a variety of projects for his customers including the purchasing of passion investment assets and other investment opportunities.


  • Poland
    MichaƂ Cylwik
    Phone: +48 791 394 349

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