Grzegorz Kosson

Grzegorz Kosson

Strategist and writer, CEO of Kosson

Strategist and writer, CEO of KOSSON – "brands with meaning" brand consultancy based in Warsaw helping brands for 15 years to discover their meaning and heart.

As a writer belives in power of words and stories to move and transform audience and world, as a strategist helps to discover brand their true purpose and meaningful brand story.

Inventor of patented method Brand Impulse® which helps brand to find their hidden purpose and heart which can be transform into moving brandstory.  Because at the end of the day we all starve for meaning not for information.

An author of first polish book about storytelling "Pay if forward" and bestselling publication about brand building "Break Convention" which was also translated into Russian and published in Kazakhstan.

Specialised in brand storytelling and design thinking. Thinks and dreams in polish, english, russian and hebrew.

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