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Branch Categories

The company entering into the Luxury Certificate Program is able to add its showcase to selected category.
Portal visitors will be able to find the company by a specialist category/a sub-category, a country, a continent, or the proper name.

Branch subcategories

Luxury Certificate Website is the most extensive and a comprehensive directory of companies operating in the sector of premium and super premium goods.

User’s Card

Every company will be provided with a space on the Website in order to present its business, brand, products and services. It is the company that creates an image of the User’s Card, forms it and modifies it as needed.

Administration panel

Every company entering into the Luxury Certificate Program will be given an access to the autonomous and individual administration panel.

User’s Card Capabilities

The company will have at its disposal the following features: name and basic information about the company, contact details, a logotype, links to social media profiles, a designation on a map, a photo gallery, a multimedia gallery, partners, cooperation, customers and contractors references, information about the certificate, customers reviews, links to mobile applications, a special link (Call to action), articles.

Company name - basic information

In the main tab of the User’s Card there is the company's logo, name, address, social media, country, continent and a link to the website.


The profile tab gives the company the opportunity to insert a description of its business activities and to mark a location on the Google Map.

In addition, this tab shows recently added articles of the company.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery tab gives the company the opportunity to insert photos and segregate them into separate catalogues. In each catalogue there can be unlimited number of photos.


This tab gives the opportunity to insert videos and segregate them into separate catalogues. In each catalogue there can be an unlimited number of videos.


In the Partners tab the company inserts its distributors, resellers, retailers, shops and all kinds of partners. Every company participating in the Luxury

Certificate Program has the ability to add its own description and a link to the company website.

User’s Card Visitors can search for partners alphabetically or by the country.


In the Recommendations tab the company inserts its patronage, recommendations, letters of praise, certificates and all documents confirming the positive reviews of its current activities.
The documents are inserted in the original languages. Below each document there is a possibility to translate it into any language.


In this tab the company inserts its own articles. Before posting the text on the website, the portal administrator checks if there are no offensive words and if it meets the conditions of the generally understood SEO.

Every company can benefit from a package containing a service of articles preparation and publication by a team of Luxury Certificate professionals.
Articles will appear according to the date of submitting them.


The tab presents the received Certificate – Luxury Certificate along with the date of obtaining it and signed by the President of the Luxury Certificate Chapter.

Below there are reasons for receiving the Luxury Certificate by the company.

In the further part of a sub-website the company can add customers’ feedback and summation algorithm of all the comments in the form of stars.


In the Cooperation tab the company inserts information regarding demand, including the search for new distributors, contractors or employees.


In this tab the company places all the contact details.

Special Link - call to action

This link is a specially designed button calling the potential customer to take action. The company can enter its chosen text and redirect it to its target website.

A manufacturer can redirect to its store, a hotel to the reservations sub-website, the opera to booking tickets. The possibilities are unlimited.

Mobile applications

If the company has any it can add its mobile applications.


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