Frequently asked questions

Who can seek/apply for obtaining the Luxury Certificate?

All brands which operate in the segment of goods and premium and super premium services in a broad sense.

What conditions must be met in order to participate in the Luxury Certificate Program?

A company that  meets the conditions described in annex no. 5 - Luxury Certificate Program, chapter III

How to apply for obtaining the Luxury Certificate?

The company should send the form available on the website, via phone or e-mail address:

The company can also directly contact its local representative in its own country.

Can a company that has not passed the verification of the Luxury Certificate Program re-apply for the Luxury Certificate?

The company which has not passed the verification of the Luxury Certificate Program receives from the Program Organizer reasons of a such made decision, along with the guidelines to be met. The company after the implementation of the guidelines at any time can apply again for the Luxury Certificate.

Who grants the Luxury Certificate?

The decision to grant the Certificate and consent to joining the Program is made by the Luxury Certificate Chapter.

What are the benefits of joining the Luxury Certificate Program?

  • an agreement between Luxury Certificate and the legal entity accessing the program
  • a paper document with the name of the company, the date of accession and the signature of the Chairman of the Chapter of Luxury Certificate, framed in the frame and glass
  • an electronic certificate on the business card together with the date of issue and receipt of the document
  • permission to use all the trademarks and logos Luxury Certificate, including images, a link to the and the hologram protected with watermarks, only for the duration of participation and duration of the program
  • access to individual administrative panel of own company at
  • active redirecting from the company's website to a current Luxury Certificate and the whole business card
  • the system of active users’ and customers’ opinions with a dedicated widget on the company's website
    • Full user’s card / business card with an access to own profile that means sharing any information about the company. Including the name and basic information about the company, contact details, logotypes, links to profiles of social media, marking on a map, photo gallery, photo gallery of multimedia, partners, customers references, information about held certificate, collaboration, customers reviews, links to mobile applications, a special link (call to action), own articles of the company
    • Assistance of a team of specialists from different industries and services in the premium and super premium sector
    • active promotion of each program participant of Luxury Certificate program on the Social Media Luxury Certificate website
    • a range of services and solutions offered by a team of Luxury Certificate
    • The Luxury Certificate program also enables the promotion of luxury brands within the activities of international blogs and promotion of the brand among members of the community gathered around such websites.

Access to the largest luxury store and portal Luxury Products. Including the business card and own panel for products and services management.

Does the company receive a VAT invoice for the ordered services?

Yes of course, every month all companies participating in the Program receive a VAT Invoice with details and pricing of specific categories of the Services provided by the Website  or an invoice for a specific Service of the Website.


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