General provisions

  1. After ordering the Subscription and submitting relevant data the User will receive the order confirmation of the Subscription together with the VAT invoice indicating the selected Portal’s Service and its price, and due date via an electronic message sent to the email address registered with the Portal.
  2. The activation of the Portal’s Services is possible after the Subscription fee has been made – effective as of the moment when the full Subscription fee has been credited to the bank account of the Owner of the Portal.
  3. The list of offered Services of the Portal, including paid and free Services of the Portal, the amount of the Subscription fee and the duration of the Services.
    1. Filling in the application form - free of charge
    2. Submitting a complete application - free of charge
    3. Luxury Certificate verification procedure - free of charge
    4. All benefits indicated in LC regulations inter alia: subscription contract (for 1 month), business certificate license , participation in the LuxuryCertificate programme and many more membership advantages - net 32euro/per month


  1. The Subscription payment will be made by the User against the VAT invoice within the period specified by the invoice.
  2. The User is entitled to choose the payment method. The Subscription fee for the Services of the Portal can be paid via:
  3. a bank transfer PL59 1440 1387 0000 0000 1726 9739 Swift: BPKOPLPW BANK PKO BP S.A.
  4. A VAT invoice is sent after signing the agreement between the User and the Owner with the indication of data specified by the User during the verification to the Luxury Certificate program. The Portal issues a VAT invoice summary with detailing and valuation of specific categories of provided by the Portal Services or an invoice for a specific Service of the Portal.
  5. In the case of objections as to the correctness of the VAT invoice, the User is obliged to raise an objection with a justification.
  6. The VAT tax is added to the VAT invoices according to the applicable regulations.
  7. The costs related to the execution of payment for the Services of the Portal shall be borne by the User.
  8. The User agrees to:
  9. receiving VAT invoices via email,
  10. issuing VAT invoices by the Portal without the signature of the recipient.
  11. The company states that:
  12. it is a payer of a VAT tax and it is authorised to receive VAT invoices,
  13. it is not in bankruptcy or liquidation
  14. there are no proceedings conducted against it any related to the insolvency or debt restructuring.

Final provisions

  1. The Owner reserves the right to change the amount of the Subscription fee and introduce various types of Subscriptions. These changes occur in line with the procedures and principles appropriate to changes in the Regulations.
  2. The change of the Subscription fee amount and introduction of various types of Subscriptions during the current subscription do not entail additional costs for the User to the end of the paid Subscription.
  3. The Owner is entitled to periodically reduce the Subscription Fee. This is made within the limited time promotion – on the terms set separately for such actions.

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