Cookies Policy


  1. The Administrator - Luxury Products Cylwik Registered Partnership providing E-services, storing and accessing information in the User’s device.
  2. The User – an entity for the benefit of which E-services are provided.
  3. The User’s Device – an electronic device used by the User in order to access the Portal.
  4. The Portal – Luxury Certificate website available to the User under the URL address, the Owner and the Administrator of the Portal is Luxury Products Cylwik Spółka Jawna.
  5. Cookies - computer data, including text files, which are stored on the User’s Device and are intended for the use of the Portal. Cookies usually contain the name of the source website, the time of storing them on the User’s Device and a unique number. Cookies are used for the proper functioning of the Portal, through the identification of the software used by the User’s Device they enable the storage of the User’s preferences and thereby adjust the displayed web pages of the Portal to its expectations and individual needs.
  6. Administrator’s Cookies – Cookies inserted by the Administrator on the Portal which are related to the provided E-services.
  7. Third party Cookies – Cookies inserted through the Portal by the Administrator’s partners, originating among others from ad servers, servers of the companies and suppliers of services offered through the Portal.

The tasks of Cookies

Administrator’s Cookies are used for:

  1. ensuring safety and reliability of the Portal,
  2. adapting the Portal to the individual needs of the User,
  3. optimisation and increasing the efficiency of services provided by the Portal,
  4. the User authentication on the Portal and providing the User with the correct session on the Portal, i.e. the maintenance of the Portal’s User session (after logging in), so there is no need to re-enter the User’s login and password on each site of the Portal,
  5. creating anonymous statistics, with the exception of the personal User identification

Types of Cookies used on the Portal

  1. The Cookies used on the Portal do not have a negative impact on the User’s Device, they do not affect the way it works and do not change the configuration of the User’s Device and the software installed on the Device.
  2. The basic types of Cookies are used within the Portal:
  3. session – temporary files stored on the User’s Device remain there until the end of the session of the browser or turning off the software; stored information is in this case permanently deleted from the memory of the User’s Device; Session Cookies typically do not allow collection of any personal data or any confidential information of the User’s Device,
  4. persistent – files stored on the User’s Device remain there until they are deleted. The end of the session of the browser or turning off the software does not delete them from the User’s Device; Persistent Cookies do not typically collect any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device; these files remain on the User’s Device for the time specified by the Cookies files’ parameters or until they are manually removed by the User.
  5. The following types of Cookies are used within the Portal:
    1. authentication Cookies – used for services that require authentication within the Portal,
    2. secure Cookies – used among other things, for abuse detection in terms of authentication within the Portal,
    3. performance Cookies – allowing the collection of information on the use of the Portal’s websites,
    4. functional Cookies – used to remember selected by the User settings and personalisation of the User interface, e.g. in terms of the language or the region of origin of the User, the font size, the appearance of the website, etc.,
    5. marketing Cookies – providing the advertising content that is more tailored to the individual interests of the User.

Managing Cookies

  1. The User can at any time change the Cookies settings defining the conditions of their storage and accessing the Cookies files on the User’s Device:
    1. The User can change the settings via a web browser or the service configuration. These settings can be modified to block the automatic operation of Cookies in the web browser configuration, or to inform whenever Cookies are inserted into the User’s Device. More information on the possibilities and ways to handle Cookies is available in the software settings (a browser);
    2. The User can at any time delete Cookies by using available functions of the browser. The User can limit or turn off storing and accessing Cookies on the User’s Device by using available functions of the browser.
  2. The Administrator informs that the limitation of Cookies can influence some of the features available on the Portal. The result of changing the settings on the browser, depending on the selected option, may be loss of the possibility to use certain services or features available on the Portal.  

Third party Cookies

  1. Third party Cookies can be used and inserted on the User’s Device by the Administrator’s partners. Third party Cookies used by the Administrator’s partners are subject to their own policy.
  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of Cookies sent by the websites of the Administrator’s partners, links to which are placed on the sites of the Portal.
  3. Administrator’s Cookies inserted on the User’s Device may be used by the Portal Administrator’s partners.

Cookies and personal data

  1. Cookies allow to store the Users’ personal data.
  2. Personal data is stored only for the purpose of operating specified features for the benefit of the User.
  3. Personal data is encrypted to prevent access of unauthorised
  4. Personal data collected during the use of the Portal:
  5. when registering - the User is asked to provide personal data, as well as to provide other information. Both providing personal data and giving consent to the data processing is voluntary,
  6. when adding information in the User’s Admin Panel - the User is asked to provide among other things contact details, e.g. place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address. This data is available to all visitors of the Portal,
  7. collected automatically - when visiting the Portal, the data concerning the visit is automatically collected, i.e. the IP address, the domain name, the browser type, the type of operating system,
  8. collected when the User wish to contact the Portal – to perform specified tasks (e.g. a complaint) via the Portal, telephone or e-mail, the personal data is required again in order to confirm the identity and to reply.

The change of the Cookies Policy

  1. Changing the existing Cookies Policy can be done by introducing appropriate modifications to the foregoing.
  2. The new version of the Policy will be available each time on the Portal, together with the relevant message.
  3. All the changes will be appropriately highlighted in the period of .... days from the date of the changes.

Please contact us in case of other questions concerning privacy policy.

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