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Why given?

The Wallflor company is receiving the Luxury Certificate No 002 for subtle combination of luxury, history and modernity. This manufacture was established in 1974 that kind of long-term background is most important by producing luxury goods.

The Wallflor brand has in his offer a wide range of products from tablecloths and carpets to the tapestries and kilims.
The decorative tapestries created by the usage of overlapping transparent and opaque colours technique are the basis for painting the most valuable decorative Renaissance fabrics. This method along with the reproduction technique of the original projects are reflecting history written many years ago.

The production methods of this magnificent tapestries are continued form 17th century along with  materials used in manufacture process such as Italian wool or silk together are creating the most unique effect.

The Luxury carpets are manufactured with several weaving techniques such as hand tufting, weaving using looms and patching.

In the hand tufting technique needles on the base drive the yarns into the primary substrate while the hooks catch the loops than the needle is withdrawn.
Fabrics received by use of a loom are formed on wooden or metal looms arranged vertically or horizontally while a coloured thread is interlaced between the warp threads.
In the patchwork method, each patch is woven using the finest cotton chenille after that the patterns are stitched together with a tone on tone wool thread.

The colours, shades and used materials are never the same therefore extraordinary and unique art is created.

The Wallflor company is constantly remaining about its prestige and reliability not only by manufactured goods but also by customers satisfaction.  

It is no easy to produce luxury goods combining the history and tradition in every detail but the Wallflor brand has successfully achieved it!

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