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via Frassineto 3 12040 Genola (CN) Italy  |  Italy, Europe


Wallflor is an Italian company founded in 1974 in Savigliano, by Ramonda brothers.
In a little while the company grows successfully and, in 1977, moves to the current base in Genola (CN, Italy) in an ancient sixteenth century monastery, perfectly renovated, in a 6700 square meters area.

In 1983 Wallflor begins to collaborate with Editions d'Art de Rambouillet company, as Italian exclusive distributors of renowned Rambouillet tapestries, and completes its commercial network with 24 agents all over Italy.

In 1990 Wallflor becomes textile designer, with the first carpets' collection created by Wallflor design studio, and the company begins to sell abroad. In the next years, the 3 sons of Ramonda brothers take part in the company: Adriano is commercial manager in Italy, Jacopo deals with communication and web, Laura designs and signs Wallflor carpets collections with Lauren Jacob brand.

In 2004 Wallflor buys out French company Editions d'Art de Rambouillet and moves the tapestries' production in its atelier in Italy, continuing to use the original brand, known and appreciated all over the world in tapestries' market.

In 2011 the collaboration with Renato Balestra begins and Wallflor becomes exclusive licensee in carpets' field of this prestigious name of Italian fashion.

Nowadays Wallflor distributes its tapestries and carpets worldwide, with dealers and agents in the five continents.

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