Luxury Products
Traditional and On-line stores

Białystok, ul. Marczukowska 6  |  Poland, Europe


Since 2011 when the brand of Luxury Products started to exist, our project has developed incredibly. Currently, our store offers approximately 100 000 products of very diverse range of assortment.

The main brands that have been broadened thoroughly is the exclusive gifts, home furnishings, home decor and stationery and office supplies. Brands we are cooperating with nowadays are absolutely related to the real market of luxury.

Today, we are expanding our business activity and setting new goals. We would like to invite every willing manufacturer producing exclusive products.

Particularly, we are interested in the furniture, jewellery, watchmaking, children’s, clothing and food industry.

It is obvious that we want to complement the already existing store categories. Anyone of you who feels that you are closely connected with this market should contact us. That means the biggest store in the world that offers only luxury products and services.

In 2017 the store will undergo a metamorphosis. We are opening a new sales and service website. It will enable you to sell products, have your own business card of the company and offer your own premium and super premium services.

We approach to business extremely holistically therefore we want to have everything what is luxurious in our offer!

Luxury or nothing - it's that simple!

Is Your business Premium or Super Premium? Join us!