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Białystok, ul. Raginisa 9/10 a  |  Poland, Europe

The brand Luxury Products was established at the beginning of 2011 in Bialystok, Poland. The main idea was to sell only luxury products. And so it is until now because the store only offers exclusive and well-defined goods.

Today, from a small local shop, Luxury Products has become a mega store with 100 000 products from very different industries. In order to make our company continue to grow, we expanded the offer for more and new products.

Currently, the most advanced categories are exclusive gifts, home furnishings, home decor and paper stationery and office supplies. However 2017 is the year of new challenges, as we are opening up for completely new sectors of luxury.

Luxury Products will include children's goods, clothing, food, real estate and automotive products. We will also put emphasis on the service. This year we will change the artwork and open a mega portal - with business cards of companies and selling products and services. Anyway, a very innovative and unique in the world.

The most important for us as a brand is the customer service. This is a key issue therefore our employees are experienced people. Specialists of luxury who skilfully are able to take care of everyone who enters the Luxury Products.

Each earned money is put into the development of our project, therefore, we are constantly developing. Setting a new daily and audacious goals. We know that only a comprehensive approach to luxury can provide final success, so we put it in our whole heart.

We are currently working on a new formula of our portal. We hope that soon you will see it and it will be a new step in e - commerce of premium and super premium all over the world. We extremely are looking forward to it!

We invite all lovers of luxury to cooperate.

Team of the Luxury Products


  • Poland
    Michał Cylwik
    Phone: +48 791 394 349

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