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The global market of the premium and super premium industry is now worth more than a billion euro per year. Every year, the increase accounts from a few to several percent.

The biggest challenge for luxury brands is a huge growth and a market share of e-commerce. Companies in the era of transparency and accessibility to the Internet must adapt, by updating, their global policy of reaching out to customers, partners and resellers.

It is estimated that globally 95% of premium consumers already have an access to the internet, and 75% of them has purchased a luxury product or service by being influenced by e-commerce.

Digitization, and hence new technologies such as social media have changed and rolled upside down all the international luxury industry.

Consumer of products and services at the highest level is becoming more and more educated and aware of what they purchase. Therefore, it is so important for the companies to focus greatly on new channels of reaching potential and current clients.

In this age of information overload, but also in the era of many stimulus for those interested in your offer it is necessary to have your offer well-thought and extremely sophisticated in order to hit the client’s consciousness.

In the vast amounts of flooding us with fakes, poor quality services, and intermediaries of dubious reputation we decided to standardize what we love most in our life as experts - namely luxury.

Fake luxury products constitute a large global industry, already accounting for even 1/3 of the entire premium and super premium sector.

When running a luxury business, ask yourself one fundamental question – do people trust you?

A premium sector must be extremely transparent and authentic in what they do. And it is our long-term recipe for gaining new contacts.

Luxury Certificate is a new quality in the market of luxury. The main global benchmark of what is really sincere and true in our industry. This is a kind of a protective umbrella for selected brands and companies dealing with luxury.

It is not corporations but people who create a real brand. You ask who we are – so, we answer - our life is the creation of luxury. 

An international panel of experts and lovers of luxury, clearly defines who is a real player in the segment of premium and super premium goods.

Our trademark strictly defines the border between luxury and rest and it is the most important signal for every consumer in the world.

The global market for luxury must be focused and determined thoroughly, because the quality of premium and super premium over the past year has been very vitiated - used at levels where it should not exist.

Luxury Certificate is a multi-channel marketing dedicated to luxury. The old approach to gaining and maintaining consumer is gone. Join the family of a golden owl and show your luxury business finally!

Do not live in the awareness that the client itself will find you. People have an access to an infinite number of companies, but most of them look for trust and true brand.

An extensive business card of a Luxury Certificate will allow your business to authenticate your luxury, find new clients, customers and fans.

Luxury Certificate is a modern approach to the show and exist in the premium and super premium industry. It's a place to establish new partner relationships, finally it is a guarantee backed by the expertise of true professionals from around the world.

It is also a chance for small, little-known luxurious family manufactures and services carried out by small entities. Finally, it's a chance for you!

Show your brand and report to process of certification now. Luxury or nothing, it's that simple!


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    Michał Cylwik
    Phone: +48 791 394 349

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